Interactive Animations for Calculus
dan clegg

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All of the animations that I demonstrated at the AMATYC talk

on November 10, 2017, are linked below, roughly in the order presented.

Animations by LucasVB (as featured on Wikipedia)

His complete gallery is definitely worth perusing!

Here are direct links to the animations shown:


The site has many user-contributed animations. These three were shown:

Riemann Sums                 Taylor Series                 Hypocycloids  (Interactive Mathematics)

Three animations from this site were shown:

Riemann Sums                 Taylor Series                 Circle of Curvature

Tools for Enriching Calculus Modules

Beta versions of the five examples that were shown are linked below.



Pacific Tech Graphing Calculator

This is the software I used to create the multivariable animations shown. It is available for Mac OS, Windows, and iOS.

Free viewers for Mac OS and Windows are available that allow you to display all of the animations.

A zipped archive of all animation files that were shown is here.

Links to individual files are organized on this separate page. (There are lots!)